See below what some businesses said helped take them to the next level of increasing their sales:Write as if you are writing to one person and not a crowd.

Use your emotion to sell a product, bombarding your client with statistics wont do you any favours in the long term.
Try not to use the same stock images everyone uses, i.e for a business website computer on the desk man i a suit.
Research has shown this can actually harm your conversion rate to sales Treat your potential customers as friends and that is what they will become.
Don’t try to stress and create some completely new marketing strategy, when a tried and tested method is easier to follow.
What is your unique selling point; paint a picture of your ideal customer – male, female young, old. This will help you to target and speak more clearly to that potential client.
When writing your marketing blurb, blog email or article read it out loud. You will discover what works and what needs changing.
Make the image you use match the words, there are many occasions a potential will look at an image and be confused by the message – keep it simple.
Teach as you sell, there are many advertorials that do this quite successful because the client is benefiting, which makes for a better chance of conversion as you are showing authority and knowledge of your product or service.
Let your customer take a test drive, give them the opportunity do a trial of your product.