Where are you with your business idea..?

With the birth of the internet there is so much information..  it should be easy to launch your own business,.. but is it that easy..?

There is so much to consider; – Do you have the right skills, are you financially sound, what legal structure should you go for.. Sole trader or Ltd.. ? and the list goes on….

The whole process can be very daunting and  easily overwhelming. The demise of  the governments Business Link’ a few years ago hasn’t helped either. The governments only offering  is a sterile list of facts on a not very user friendly  gov.uk site.

Blogger www.chrisducker.com recently listed his top 10 influencial and inspirational entrepreneurs, see the top five from his list below:

Johnny Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on fire


Amy Porterfield

Marie Forleo

John Jantsch

We will look more closely into the ingredients of their success but check out their blog if you are needing a bit of motivation..

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