The UK has one of the greatest plethora of creative businesses in the world, which spans from music, film, fashion and video games development. It is second to top global exporter the USA and exports five time that of France.

With such a melting pot of talent, how does the entertainment industry get it creative talent heard amongst the clutter of competition and successfully compete?

The advancement of technology has made it easier for anyone with a passion to sell their product or service, whether a graphic designer, musician or film producer you should have a marketing strategy in place. See below some marketing steps that will help keep you on track:-

Understand what your client is looking for and try to tailor more closely to their needs
Find out from the client what challenges they are facing and what is not currently being met.
Research the industry this will help yo avoid repeating any mistakes of your predecessors.
See what pricing the market is operating and adjust your fees accordingly
When selling your product to a potential customer speak with confidence and conviction
Sign an agreement with your client and keep in constant communication in the early stages of your business relationship.