10 Ways To Get Raving Fans Liking Your Facebook Page..!

Are you struggling to get a grip with you Facebook marketing? How is it some pages have thousands of Likes and some struggle to even get dozen? Well, this is not achieved by a click of the fingers… so don’t let any one fool you with their snazzy ads promoting..’ How to get hundreds of […]

Top 10 Marketing Tips to Propel Your Business Into Overdrive..

How are you driving the marketing of your business..? See below what some businesses said helped take them to the next level of increasing their sales:Write as if you are writing to one person and not a crowd. Use your emotion to sell a product, bombarding your client with statistics wont do you any favors […]

Where are you with your business idea..?

With the birth of the┬áinternet there is so much information.. ┬áit should be easy to launch your own business,.. but is it that easy..? There is so much to consider; – Do you have the right skills, are you financially sound, what legal structure should you go for.. Sole trader or Ltd.. ? and the […]