What are the Marketing secrets you should be aware

How is it some pages have thousands of Likes and some struggle to even get dozen? Well,
this is not achieved by a click of the fingers… so don’t let any one fool you with their
snazzy ads promoting..’ How to get hundreds of authentic Likes in minutes…!’

By dedicating a minimum of an hour a week doing some of my tips suggested.. There are certainly
plenty of ways to cultivate an audience of engaging users on Facebook. I have collated a few of the
best approaches adopted by leading marketers which will certainly help you on your way:

Promote your facebook page via your email list.
Promote your page via Twitter.
Hold frequent competitions on Facebook.
Advertise marketing on facebook.
Use your website by linking to your facebook.
Update your profile image or cover page with Facebook information.
Start a facebook group and encourage comments and participation
Ask friends and family to like your page.
Create valuable content
Link informative Blogs from leading websites.